Hopefully we can answer most of your questions, but if you need more information and you can’t see the answer here, please contact us.

Do you really manufacture your shutters?

Yes we make and finish all our hardwood shutters

What do you use to make your shutters?

We use only hardwoods to manufacture our shutters. For paint finish’s we will use Poplar (Tulip Wood) and for wood stain we use Basswood. Both hardwood timber species that are perfect for shutter manufacturing

Other companies are using different species of timber, why?

Poplar is the best species of hardwood to paint, the finish is excellent and Basswood is generally accepted as the best timber suited to shutter manufacturing. A lot of companies are now using other timbers than Basswood and Poplar due to cost, Basswood has become a little more expensive in recent times due to demand. There are other species such as Polownia wood which is readily available in China and cheaper but in our opinion this is inferior to Basswood.

Do you manufacture shutters from MDF?

No, we only use hardwood timbers in our construction, a lot of companies do offer a budget range. Some suppliers are offering shutters made from Craftwood, this is MDF. Make sure you know exactly what your shutters are being constructed from.

How long is your lead time?

This depends on how busy we are, as you can imagine we offer a British made product so it is very popular. Generally lead time is between 6 to 8 weeks, however this is subject to change dependant on the volume of work that we have.

Do you have a proper business address so that we can come to you?

Yes, we do, and yes you are welcome to come and see us doing what we do best, making shutters. If you want us to visit you that’s fine also, just let us know which is best for you.

Check our competitors’ web pages, have they a genuine industrial work address or do they work from home? Have they a local phone number or 0845?

Do you have a choice of finishes, and how many colours?

We spray all our shutters at our Sidmouth workshop. We can colour match any paint or stain colour from a sample that you supply.

Are your shutters environmentally friendly?

We source our timber from the United States of America from carefully managed forestry that are replanted. We monitor their policies so that we ensure we stay as environmentally friendly as possible. We use only companies based within the UK for our consumables and as close to Devon as possible, the only reason we go to the US for our timber is because we cannot source it from nearer home, it simply isn’t grown. When we import our timber we buy in a full 40 foot shipping container each time so that we keep our shipments to a minimum, unlike many other companies that offer pre manufactured shutters and rely on weekly consignments being delivered from China.

Other Questions? Please email or phone and ask us, that’s what we’re here for.

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